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  • Recording pen 【2020】
  • Recording pen 【2020】
  • Recording pen 【2020】
  • Recording pen 【2020】
  • Recording pen 【2020】
  • Recording pen 【2020】
  • Recording pen 【2020】
  • Recording pen 【2020】
40% off
  • Recording pen 【2020】
  • Recording pen 【2020】
  • Recording pen 【2020】
  • Recording pen 【2020】
  • Recording pen 【2020】
  • Recording pen 【2020】
  • Recording pen 【2020】
  • Recording pen 【2020】

Recording pen 【2020】

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    • Description


      STTWUNAKE smart chip

      Lossless noise reduction

      Sound Activated Recording


      STTWUNAKE core technology, multiple functions

      Sound Activated Recording

      Variable speed playback

      Encryption function


      Dynamic noise reduction

      Listening while recording

      Record segmentation function

      18 languages

      A-B repeat

      One-button recording

      Fast forward and backward playback

      Auto save files when power is low

      Memory playback function

      Multiple sound effects

      Folder classification management

      With speaker

      1536 bit rate

      Play music

      Lyrics synchronization


      OTG phone connection
      Mobile phone OTG playback
      Support Android mobile phone OTG connection,can play recordings on mobile phones,view upload management files at any time(only for Android phones).


      STTWUNAKE latest technology

      Open the recorder and see the construction inside

      Low quality products will only cause you trouble


      HD patch crystal

      High stability, no more crashes, files are no longer chaotic

      Professional noise reduction IC

      HD high fidelity restores true sound

      Audio amplification processing IC

      Solve the problem of weak sound


      Buy a tape recorder, be sure to buy a professional

      Industry high standards

      Recording bit rate reaches

      Shielding ambient noise, not exaggerated, true 1536KBPS bit rate, highly restored true sound, giving you a better experience


      HD long distance

      Stereo pickup technology

      As long as the ear can hear the sound, the recorder can make a clear recording. Unrestricted by the environment


      CNC process

      Small and beautiful

      Compact and portable design, the size is almost the same size as the lighter, easy to carry, CNC zinc alloy integrated technology design, Small and beautiful


      Voice Activated Recording

      Automatically record when there is sound, save storage space, save time playback, filter unwanted clips


      High standard bit rate

      High industry standard, recording bit rate reaches 1536KBPS, accurately capture the original sound, restore the scene environment sound

      Smart password protection

      Only the recorder of your own, you can set the password at boot, protect the audio data intimately, and the privacy is not leaked.


      One-button recording

      One button power on/off, One-button recording,Easy to operate, prevent mistakes

      Note: The pull-type recording switch can quickly and accurately turn on the recording in the emergency recording scene, and quickly save the recording to prevent the recording/storage failure due to mistakes!


      Intelligent noise reduction technology

      Acoustic cancellation for noise types in different environments, filtering to reduce environmental noise


      Intelligent timing recording

      Support timed recording, can set a certain time, automatically turn on the recording, can avoid the trouble of manual operation, very convenient


      Auto save files when power is low

      When the recorder is out of power, the recorder automatically saves the recording file to prevent data loss and ensure safety.


      Timestamp synchronization

      Built-in time chip, after synchronizing time with the computer, the recording file is named after time

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